Tunnel Of Love

Dragons, suspense, paranormal, shifters, fantasy.



Tunnel Of Love


At eighteen, Iryna Dragon fell in love with a dark handsome stranger in the Tunnel of Love near Klevan, the village where she grew up. He only appears in the tunnel and no one believes Iryna—except for her twin sister and the old gypsy woman. The small village is full of secrets that have been buried over time.

Whispers about a Dragon Prince are just old wives tales, or are they? When her father finds out about Dragos and the tunnel—he uproots the family and moves them far away to Canada. Iryna's heart is broken. Eleven years later, her twin Sonia returns to their village to search of family ties and ends up disappearing.

The authorities say she is dead, but Iryna doesn't believe it.  When Iryna sets off to find her sister, she carries hope that she will meet Dragos again, and rekindle the fire of love in her heart.

Be Warned: bondage