Viking Grave


Riikka Toivonen is obsessed with three things: the paranormal, having hot Viking fantasies, and drinking far too much coffee. After Riikka finds a gold artifact in her pocket following a trip to a Viking gravesite, she lights a candle and finds she isn't home alone. An image of a man appears and the more she interacts with him, the more tangible he becomes. He's hot, he's a Viking, and she wants to bed him badly. The catch—he wants more from Riikka than just a romp. 

What's a girl have to do to get some action? Lust takes over and Riikka tells him she will commit to him for all time if that is what will finally get him into bed. After making the pledge she finds herself transported back in time and into a life she left unfinished—her own. The rough-edged Viking Thorstein takes Riikka on a journey of second chances and hopes in the end she will choose to commit to him—forever. 

Be Warned: light BDSM, forced seduction, spanking, public exhibition